Thêvan - The Path of Light

Published by Lindsay Wardell on 01/30/2018

The Book of Generations was written by a beaten people, a nation that had been defeated time and again, whose very gods had been slain and their works torn asunder. To the survivors of the fall of Althênor, there was little that the past could offer them. The Book of Generations reflects that, and speaks of the constant warfare that existed in the World since its foundation by the Seven Gods of Creation, and the fallen state of the mortal races.

The Path of Light, or Thêvan, was written much later by Ilthanen Juralen. Ilthanen was a general, first and foremost. His goal was the reclamation of Althênor, and the reestablishment of the ancient kingdom of Ilandrior. To achieve this, he not only had to unite humanity’s scattered peoples, but also wage war against the forces that destroyed humanity in the first place. Elves, orcs, dragons, and many others infested the lands viewed by Ilthanen as humanity’s birthright.

The wars of Ilthanen, and the founding of the city of Alden, will be covered later. But for now, Ilthanen left the city-states of Ilandri with as large an army as he could muster, then marched directly for the sacred ruins of Althênor. There, he slew a brood of dragons, with the aid of the Light, and proclaimed his kingship over what would become the Juralen Valley.

While the city was under construction, Ilthanen began to study the ancient records he found in the city’s hidden archives. Many of them spoke of the Light, and the Path, as taught by the Spirit of Light. After months of study, Ilthanen went to the highest point of Alden, and prayed that the Light might bless him and show him the true path. In response, the Light granted him a series of visions, from far before the creation of the World and the Heavens until the end of all things.

Ilthanen wrote them down as he had them, interpreting and learning as he went. His writings became known as Thêvan, the Path of Light.

The First Vision

The World in which we live is far greater than can be comprehended by our limited perspective. It is but a piece of a majestic tapestry, a single instrument in an orchestra. As a star is a single light in the sky, our World is a single light amidst the Void. We, the children of the Light, are but smaller aspects within the World, born with the will and the power to shape all things for the better. Those that follow the Path of Light have chosen, and sworn to follow the Light and its ways, for the improvement of all.

Throughout all existence, there are two forces that permeate all things, and cause all things to be – Order and Disorder, Creation and Consumption, Light and Void. Those two forces have no desires or actions that do not align with these natures. The Light seeks only to improve and build, holding the power to shape all things. The Void hungers, consumes, until nothing remains, with the will to act and not be acted upon. When these two forces meet, Creation occurs, and Time begins.

The reals of the Light are filled with beings of boundless power, greater than all the gods of Thêlaí. To stand in the presence of such is to be changed, such is their majesty. Their lands are perfect and glorious, with cities filled with the creations of the Light. Plains roll under a blue sky, undisturbed in their cycles. The Light radiates freely here, allowing all things to feel the joy it provides, for in the Light, to create is to feel joy.

The lands of the Void are desolate of any thing that could be recognized as a thing. There is no light, but no darkness. There is no sky, but no land. There are no cities, but no plains. There is nothing, but not even that can exemplify how “nothing” there is. The will of the Void is but one – consume. However, that will has also been broken down under its own weight, until a multitude of wills exist, all seeking the same goal of eternal consumption.

Should even a particle escape the reals of the Light and enter the lands of the Void, it would immediately fall prey to the limitless Will of the Void and be destroyed. Likewise, if one of the wills of the Void should enter the realms of the Light, it would immediately be filled with such that it would want for nothing ever again, without hindering the rest of its inhabitants.

The Second Vision

In the First Dawn of Existence, no such division existed, and all was gathered into one. As Existence was shaped, some began only to destroy, and set things asunder. Those that sought Creation cast them out, sealing them away. At first, their number was small, but their power grew quickly. Soon, the Void they left in their wake filled the half of Existence. While the realms of Light were perfected, their borders continued to shrink, as the Void consumed. Indeed, it is that way even today. Without a way for the Light to assert its will against the Will of the Void, it would be consumed in its entirety. Only Void would remain, and all Existence would be but a reflection of nothing.

For this cause, the lords of the Light devised a plan. They would take the Light that gave them their power, and cast it into the Void Itself. Its power would be so great as to purify the greater and lesser wills of the Void, and fill them instead with the pureness of the Light. New beings of Light would then be born, capable of spreading the Light into the Void and purifying it in whole.

This plan came with great sacrifice. Without the pure Light to fuel their realms, they would collapse far faster into the Void. While they could last for a time, if their plan should fail, all realms of the Light would be consumed far faster. It was determined that this plan was the best hope for all Existence.

And so Thê was removed from the midst of the realms of Light, and cast into the Void. Twilight fell upon them, the Light not to return until their plan was completed. Even now, those that dwell there yet wait, hopeful for the return of the Light and those created from its radiance.

As Thê entered the Void, its Light pierced the Darkness, casting it back from its midst. Such was the power of Thê, that none dared to consume it, and indeed, had they tried they would have failed, for its essence was limitless. In the wake of the Void’s retreat, pure material was left.

Of the wills that now surrounded Thê, Seven became enraptured by its glory. These were will with the Light, and purified by its grace. One of these turned again to Thê, and asked, How is this so? For we wanted nothing but to consume, but now we are filled and whole.

In return, Thê showed a vision to the One, and in that vision the realms of the Light were revealed, and the purpose of Thê, and the destiny of all who follow the Path of the Light. The One was overcome, and shouted praises unto the Light. He turned then to his fellows, and told them of his visions. When asked how he knew these things, he said, It is because I see. Henceforth, this One was known as the Seer.

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