Between Hope

Published by Lindsay Wardell on

When I look to my past,
I see golden times
with those I loved
and who loved me.

I hear the sounds of laughter,
feel the gentle touch on my face,
smell the scents of nature
as they spread into the open air.

When I look to the future,
I see golden horizons,
star-filled skies
with the moon high above.

I hear the call of adventure,
of unknown places,
of new faces and new friends
reaching out in a chorus of wonder.

For now,
I stand between hope,
between joy,
between lives.

I stand, and allow myself to stand,
feel what I am feeling,
allow the chapter to end
so another can begin.

I stand at the edge of the new,
the twilight of the old,
the start of an adventure
and the end of a journey.

Yesterday can rest.

Tomorrow can wait.

I will mourn.

Lindsay Wardell
Hi, I'm Lindsay Wardell!

I am a programmer, writer, and mother. I work as a Software Engineer at NoRedInk. I write and talk about Elm, Vue, Vite, and other tools that I enjoy learning about and using.