Where Do You Turn?

Published by Lindsay Wardell on

Where do you turn, when faith grows cold?
When hidden places freeze over, and fill with fear,
And all you knew is but dust and moonlight,
Where do you turn?

When bright fields of golden sun turn to distant memory,
And words of comfort have lost their power,
Where do you turn?

When all the world has turned to night,
And friends of youth are gone,
Summer long since past,
And all that was worth so much is lost,
Where do you turn?


In the deepest night of winter,
The snow covers the Earth in white,
And the Moon shines upon it.
A new world is born beneath its light,
Filled with dreams to explore.

Where do you turn?
To yourself, at last.

Lindsay Wardell
Hi, I'm Lindsay Wardell!

I am a programmer, writer, and mother. I work as a Software Engineer at NoRedInk. I write and talk about Elm, Vue, Vite, and other tools that I enjoy learning about and using.