The Book of Generations

Published by Lindsay Wardell on 01/24/2018

Before the rise of the Argantin Empire and the belief system surrounding Arcanism, two books were known and respected throughout humanity: The Book of Generations, and The Path of Light. The Book of Generations was written centuries after the fall of Althênor, long after the events it relates, but still relatively close timewise. The Path of Light was written much later by Ilthanen Juralen, founder of Alden and first ruler of the Kingdom of Juralen. The Path of Light was a combination of review of the Book of Generations, teachings about the Light, and the visions of Ilthanen.

The events of the Book of Generations were most likely recorded by humans. It tells the tale of the creation of the World and the Heavens, the birth of the mortal races, and the wars of the gods that led to the destruction of Althênor. It then briefly gives chronologies of the various mortal races, and how they descend from the ‘lesser gods’ (those born after the gods of creation).

Each chapter in The Folly of Wizards begins with an except from the Book of Generations, to help the reader in understanding the history of the world.

Before all else, there were but two substances – the Void, and the Light. In the Dawn of All, the Light descended into the Void, piercing it to the core. From the place where the two touched came the Seven, tasked with the creation of all things. By their hands were all things formed, both in the World and the Heavens. When at last their task was complete, and the cycles of the World set in motion, the Seven rested, and fell into a deep slumber.

As the Seven slept, their dreams continued to shape the World. From their dreams were born the gods, fearsome and powerful, causing much war and desolation upon the land.

When the ruin caused by the gods was too great, the Seven were awoken, and saw with horror what had befallen their creations. Where once there had been beauty, now only scars remained. And the Seven mourned their creations, which they had so loved.

One of the Seven became angry with the gods, due to the devastation they caused. In his wrath, he made war upon the gods, for he sought to purify the World, and restore it to perfection.

The One ascended into the skies, filled with fury, and shouted vengeance against them. Fire flew from his hands, descending upon them and their places of power.

For their part, the gods resisted the strength of the One, and returned against him with such violence as could not be measured. Thus began the Wars of the Gods.

The war between the One and the gods brought greater destruction to the World. Mountains were leveled, rivers were burned with fire, and the entire land was in commotion.

Amid the chaos and ruin, something new was born – creatures formed after the image and character of the gods, filled with limitless potential, yet without their innate power.

As these new beings populated the desolate World they found, they discovered the ancient gods, as well as the Seven, and revered them as beings of infinite knowledge. Seeking wisdom, they asked for guidance from the gods. The gods, in their arrogance, gave it to them.

Some of the gods sought to teach the mortals in wisdom, hoping they might yet redeem the World that had been so devastated. Others, in their lust for power, taught the mortals the secret ways, hoping to turn them into new weapons in their war against the One.

The One watched as the mortals were taught the ways of war. He saw their tenacity, and their desire for greater strength. As he watched, he became jealous.

The One went to the rest of the Seven, and showed them what the gods had done, asking for their aid in his war. He told them of a plan, by which they could ensure the mortals would serve only them, who had created all things.

The others heard the One, but felt his plan abhorrent. They rejected him, casting him out from among their midst. But this would not stop him.

The One appeared to a band of mortals, strong and capable. He promised them power, and glory, and ascension into the Heavens, in return for swearing to serve him. Filled with his empty promises, they agreed.

The One filled his chosen mortals with his power, transforming them. They became gruesome and hideous, but powerful beyond the strength of all others. They bowed before the One, swearing to serve him forever.

Using their newfound power, the mortals sworn to the One made war across the land, purging all who stood in their path. Neither gods nor mortals could withstand their strength, and the World despaired.

The One watched, from his throne above in the Heavens, as his children brought about their work of destruction. The other Six watched as well, and determined that he must be stopped.

The Six determined that, in order to stop the threat of the children of the One, they must reach out to the mortals as well, and teach them of the true nature of things.

As the Six debated which of the mortals they could teach, they could not agree on the proper course to take. One wished to teach the ways of nature, while others sought to teach the ways of fire, or the other elements, or the Light itself.

When no decision could be made between the Six, they divided, and went into the World, to teach after the manner they thought best to defeat the One.

Those that followed the counsel of the Six became mighty among mortals, both in strength as in wisdom. In their hands was placed the future of the World.

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